Becca's Photo Library

I’m picking up my photography again, so I figured I’d share some with y’all. These pics are with my cheap $20 camera, so I warn you! I’ll upload some more later with the other cam.

Ice on the ground:

a kitten:

another kitten:

my beloved cat, Sunnie:

Yeah I know the quality’s not good, but I’ll have better ones later.

Here’s with my other camera:

tree and spanish moss:

playing with macro, my eye:

Another kitty(they’re SO photogenic):

Another kitty:

Flower garden:

Birdies and wheel:

That’s all for now!

Kind of amazing with cats - you just can’t seem to catch with a bad photo moment. So are they all your cats ? Cause I just has one, and she don’t like no other cats, or competition.

Yup, kind of all my cats.
That is what happens when you feed your barn cats, the entire neighborhood moves in! :stuck_out_tongue:
I actually only have three in my house and only one of them stays in, Sunnie! She has bad allergies and her hair falls out so I try to keep her inside.
Although there are about 30 odd living on the property!

Alright, enough cat talk. I’ll upload some more.

Last night’s sunset:

Two of my cats having an argument:

A barn kitty:

My mom’s kitty:

Sunnie pretending to be in Hawaii:

Thirsty horsey!:

the adorable cats!
i like~

I’ll post my photo essay as soon as I can find my USB cable- grrrrrr :mad:
BTW, thanks for twisting my arm :wink:

Time for a little update!

A view from the top of the hill, looking down the street back up the next hill.

A sago and rose bed

Tire swing in the pasture

Moon with one of her favorite kitties.(Yes, I did ask her permission first!)

My dog, Jed

My Grandma’s cat

That’s it for now!

If possible, it’d be nice to see slightly larger versions. As is, it’s basically like picking detail out of a thumbnail.

It’s been a while.

I’ve updated the posts with bigger versions.

Here are pictures of this spring’s kittens.




Ezekiel or just Zekey


B.B. and Leon (B.B.'s the tortoiseshell and Leon’s the orange in the foreground.)

'Tis it for now.

Nice ones :slight_smile:

i think you have more then enough cat pictures
there nice, but what else you got?
like the macro test tho, what kind of camera are you using?

:smiley: Not much other than the cats, my parents and grandparents are always making fun of me for my cat portraits.

For the camera, it’s a Fujifilm FinePix S57000 S7000, 7 megapixels.

I took some pictures of my toddler 2nd cousins last week.

Hey Becca, nice photos!

Ya know, I could use some macro shots of human face skin/shoulder skin as well as of feline fur/eyes.

Just throwing that out there.

Hahahahahaha… Will keep in mind!!!

With the recent rain :mad: I haven’t been able to take pictures of anything but my family, save a few things.

The tree outside of the window. (I took this from the inside while it was raining.)

Macro of the wood trim in the office.

A flower on my rose bush in a break in the rain.