Become richer than Richie Rich with blendcoin

Let your computer renders for others, and receive blendcoins !
Closed alpha is showing amazing revenues with a single i7 and 16Gig of ram !

More info coming soon.


I see that it’s a joke, but… what’s funny about it? I find it rather annoying when people turn something that would be plausible and useful into an April Fool’s joke.

For what it’s worth, LBRY.IO is a startup using a blockchain to let content creators publish (and charge for) their work. Maybe that’s interesting for someone out here.

Full disclosure: I hold Dogecoins, the only truly future-proof cryptocurrency.

I hold Dogecoins, the only truly future-proof cryptocurrency.

To the moon!
But seriously, rare pepes are the only safe form of digital currency.

Haha ! You have a good sense of humor !

For your consider about turning something plausible into a joke, i am aware of golem project for example… But it’s more about the fact that a lot of people those last days (months ?) think they are going to become rich with crypto by throwing a few bucks at it and that you can see some scams multiplying around trying to catch them… (well, golem project is serious I guess, I am not aiming them at all).

So here is my personal little scam with the blend of the background.