Becoming A Dragon Born

…“But there is one that they fear”… …“The legends told of our saviors return”… que epic music! :stuck_out_tongue: :cool:

Ahem, anyway, I made this 3d animation in Blender! The model was heavily moded by me! Base model by: Greg Zaal from blendswap. Special thanks to blendswap!

The animations that you can created are good if that is your first time creating them. However, It would be better if you create just 1 thread for all 3 of his animations. Now, for the last one it was a repetitive turn around of the same clip. A clip like that can make your audience lose interest very easily.

Umm… Not sure how this reply thing work but I wrote a really long reply and it didn’t post? I basically said thanks for your nice comment and sound advice…