Bed and Bathroom

The lighting feels nice

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Sorry for taking so long, but here’s a breakdown of the lighting process. The light part is fairly straightforward, with an HDRi and a couple of lights outside the windows, but, the things you do with your color management settings, influence quite a lot on the way light is behaving.

@neb this will give you some insights on using LUTs (on Octane at least…I’m not sure if Cycles already have this option)

  1. Lights layout (big light source > softer shadows)

  1. Quick viewport render with just the HDRi enabled

  1. Both lights outside the windows enabled

  1. First LUT enabled (Great tip by Jan Morek from 3DShaker on this one)

  1. Second LUT enabled (From 3DCollective) This one changes things substantially

  1. Then on Affinity Photo, some initial adjustments. ReflectDirect and ReflectIndirect passes used here to boost the reflections a bit.

  1. Tonemap. First time using this option on Affinity, really liked the life it brought overall

  1. Aditional adjustments. Might have overdone it, but that’s ok. Will do a better job next time.

One thing I’m yet to explore is the method used here to create LUTs according to the needs of each project. This seems to be a great workflow to be able to see your post-produced image directly on the viewport.


HI Filipe,

Thanks for taking time and effort to shed some light on behind the scenes. Creating LUT in Photoshop is an mazing tip, I will definitely play with it. I was wondering why there are two LUTs used in Octane? It’s mind blowing how LUTs change texture appearance, something I struggle at the moment in Blender.

Looking at the big window I cannot compare it to something similar I work right now. The problem I have is Using HDRI and then some are light next to window my background image ( something similar to yours just not sure if you use real rendered things or an image behind the window) gets overexposed although I found a workaround I still interested how you managed this trick?

I can’t stop wondering this is all done with 2 lights, HDRI and 2 LUT’s right?

Just curious how this scene would look rendered in vanilla Blender too:)

I am not sure there is simple LUT feature in Cycles yet. Currently using Blender 2.91 to be honest.

I guess the “first LUT” as we’re calling it is just a standard response-type like the presets we have in Cycles to quickly change the look of things. In Octane, we have some more options. Never really used the other settings, though.


The extra option Octane has is to add a custom LUT to the game, like the one I used in my scene.


This time it was a simple plane with an image outside the window, but it varies from scene to scene.

You can try using this type of trick to balance things.

On the lighting side of things, yes.

I’ll probably upload the blend file at this thread at some point. You can give it a try, then.

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That is awesome. A lot to cover( link) and loving so far. Many thanks!
By the way I am curious why you not so keen to share textures/texture workflow when posting projects? We love realism in your textures :slight_smile:

This might come as uneducated question but which Octane do you use? X or Prime?

Most of the textures I’m not allowed to share due to copyright issues.

I’m using the free version of Octane.

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I’ve just added this scene to my Free Scenes for Download :arrow_down: thread if you want to check it out.

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Splendid. Let me take a look. Thanks for taking time :+1: :beer: