Bed in the clouds
People said they wanted something different from hallways, so here’s a bed, in the clouds, that you can sleep on. A good healthy amount of glow added to make it more dreamlike or the bed more inviting. And the top covers and pillows made of some ultra soft material inside and out with SSS properties. Painted look added because I thought it would be appropriate for this scene.

Hmm, the clouds/smoke look verynice(kudos), but eh whole image looks quite low wuality(like compression-wise).

Im not sure if its due to glow or some other postprocess effect, just stateing it.

The bed looks pretty good, but the clouds are definitely the strong point.

No rating, but nice clouds.

It’s the painted effect you’re talking about that makes it appear to you as low quality. The painted effect was intentional, I sharpened the edges in PSP 7 then applied it to give it more of a slightly painted look.

Yeah, maybe you should try loosing that effect - it looks less ‘painted’ and more ‘badly compressed/ low quality’.


I’ll brake the mold. :wink:

Looks good! I love how flat the clouds look. Kinda deco-ish, I guess. Stars are beautiful as well.

The glow is cool, but I think you could have done it a little better and differently.

Only thing I really don’t like so much? The wood texture/shader. It’s grain size on the head board makes me think this is a small bed, for a mouse or something. The wood frame and legs look like rock, more then wood. (If it is rock, great job! :wink: )

I like this scene! If you’re interested, clean it up a bit and really wow everyone. :slight_smile:

Refreshlinglt different from you CD. I really like the mood you’ve achieved here. The headboad texture of the bed looks unfitting for this, but that’s my biggest crit. The second is, that I’m not too happy with the paint effect.

But, I’ll give you generous 4 star from this, as I genuinely like this.

Glad that you like it, I personally thought a slight paint effect would be appropriate for this piece so I gave it a paint effect. I thought “hey, a paint effect would look nice on this”. So I carefully tweaked the effect so it’s noticable, but not going overboard.

Keep in mind I like the effect myself.

The top two clouds look like they could do with a bit more work to fluff them out a bit, the rest is OK apart from the paint effect. The idea of the effect isn’t so bad, its that you can tell the effect was applied by a computer. I’m sure if you used a more advanced painting program and a subtler method of gaining a painted effect it would look good.

By traditional painting method, i dont think anyone would set out to dcreate a picture with clouds in it and use that sort of textured brush stroke or whatever they would use to make it with.

Its still quite nice, thumbnail is beautiful.

i’ll go out on a limb and say i don’t mind the paint effect in this particular case, although in general i hate the overuse of photoshop filters, so i understand where the critiques are coming from. overall i quite enjoy the feel of the image, and its a good application of the clouds method you’ve been developing, CD.

i’m torn about the two clouds above the bed, though. on the one hand, their flatness sort of adds to the “stagey” feel of the piece (which is stylistic and i’m not opposed to that per se), but i still keep thinking it’d look that much better if they had more shading and weren’t so oval.

In my case paint shop pro filters, I don’t have photoshop.

I tried my best to avoid overdoing the paint effect. I was trying to find the line to see when it looks good and when it’s overused.

Nice work CD.
I have to say i am not always a big fan of your work but this is level to your best ideas and achievements…
The clouds are truly fantastic.
In fact i have an idea:
Why not make the stairs out of smaller, comfortable clouds? To me the stairs are very harsh and don’t fit the aetherical feel of the picture… I would love to climb my way up to bed on a “Cloudway to heaven” lol

Keep it up !

4* from me. I think this looks pretty good. MUCH better then most of what I have seen from you! :slight_smile: Keep on working with this look.

I don’t particularly like the painted look, it’s ok, but it would be nice if you could post a version without the paint effect. I hope you kept a backup copy of the render. :wink:
Good job, and I’m glad you went with a different style other then tons of tiles! :yes:

In a way, I like the harsh stairs. Kinda a “from the real world” to the “good world”. :wink:

Wow… You got a rating. None of MY work ever got rated. ::sniff:: :wink:

Different perceptions, different interpretations I guess.

goodguy: Most of the work done by active members get rated, though sometimes a person’s work isn’t rated.

I think the bed should hjave a more surreal look. It looks too much like it was teleported from a hotel.

Great feel and quality overall though.

You need to look to your proportions. The top step is at the level of the bottom of the mattress. This is not a height at which one would stand before getting into the bed. The pillows look to be normal width and thickness, but very narrow. The bed’s length appears to be over twice it’s width, unusual dimensions for a double, king or queen size bed, which it appears to be, given the pillows.

goodguy20k, absolutely nothing inside any of CD’s threads is ever like it is anywhere else in the forum. The fact that he consistently gets ratings is one of them.

Even his most mediocre work gets rated either five or one, and then it’s counter-rated by the people who hate him and pity/love/I-have-no-frickin’-clue-what him, respectively, to encourage him to be a special shining star, or some such, or to tell him that they wish he’d stop making pictures(not respectively, obviously).

I don’t know why they insist on expressing these desires as star ratings, they just do. It’s a completely pointless cheapening of the entire system, so far as I can see, but apparently it’s wrapped into the psyche like a zombie’s death-grip, and there’s nothing anyone’s ever been able to do about it.

I like the effect. Four stars.

@Blackboe: Well put. In the end, there are few people who are actualy rated by the quality of their work…

Very sad.

I like that alot, only thing I would do is remove those two clouds up there.