Bed room concept

Bred Room concept.

Blender / Vray.
Design by FantasticmissFox ,thanks to her for authorization.

++ :eyebrowlift:

I like it. it has this painted look, like in the concept.

But plz don´t use this bump/disp on the floor. It destroys the almost perfect atmosphere.

Great image.
The only thing that catches my eye is the thickness of the exterior wall. It looks like it’s thinner than the window frame.
Maybe you could add a cill and recess the frame a bit.

nice scene. I wonder how better it could be if it was closer to the original. I mean not-so-geometrically-exact objects, slanted perspective… like in cartoons

i like the atmosphere. but i agree that the bump mapping on the floor needs a little tweaking. Maybe put down the strength a bit.

Good work love the whole atmosphere and I agree that you could thicken the wall and turn down the bump map.

I love it. Has a nice “pixar” look to it. Actually come to think of it, I don’t like to give Pixar the credit all the time, but I guess they did made this look popular in their movies, but instead let’s just say it has a great 3D toon look. :slight_smile:

I don’t mind the carpet but the light bulbs look too flat IMO.

Looks great, but agree on the floor.

Thanks guys :slight_smile:
I agree with you, the bump needs some corrections.