(stephen2002) #1

Been a lloooonnngggg time since I have had anything in WIP. Here it is, I am working on a re-creation of my dorm room. The bed seems to be the hardest pice of furniture, so I thought I would get some feedback on my current progress.

Let me know what you think of the MODELING so far. I have not started on lighting or texturing.

(CharlieB) #2

Looks nice so far.

What do you render with?

(stephen2002) #3

this is all Blender so far. I am using it for the modeling, I plan to use Lightwave for everything else. I would use Lightwave for modeling, but after using Blender for so long, everything else seems all backwards.

(paradox) #4

Nice start I like it so far. And the springs are also nice modeling but a suggestion springs to mind, unless the matrice is going to be off the bed there is no reason to model the springs. What I mean is if you don’t see it then there is no reason to model it. It would be like modeling a car engine then closing the hood. Unless you just want the practice or you think you might have a scene with the mattris off of the bed. At any rate very nice springs wire modeling.

(stephen2002) #5

the bed will probably be seen from the bottom. This is why the springs are modeled.

(paradox) #6

Thanks for your reply, I figured there was a reason. Besides you did such a good job on the bed springs it would be a shame to not see them.