Bedlam - W.I.P. (Not a ship- I promise)

(ScottishPig) #1

This time I told the truth- it’s not a ship. A render of Bethlehem hospital (Called “Bedlam”) around 1700. Very good, I think… needs some work still… go easy on the bandwidth, it’s big. If you get that stupid “out of bandwidth” warning… try again in an hour or so.

or (if the server is down) :

(Bapsis) #2

Holly Ship!!! (couldnt resist) :wink:

Very nice SP!!! Beautiful job!!! I wonder what other non-ship like stuff you would be good at, ahh the world is at your fingertips now that you’ve steped off the boat. hehe :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(Alltaken) #3

not bad not bad at all

i suppose it could be a ship it you turned it upside down!!!

(EnV) #4

Wow! How long did you model it?


(ScottishPig) #5

I started modelling it on thursday. I didn’t work much on Friday- most of it was done on Saturday Afternoon. I still have a lot of texturing to do… but- it’ll look better soon.

(S68) #6


can’t connect…