Bedroom and bathroom. Photography reproduction

For this project I wanted to reproduce photos as closely as possible.
I’ve learned about cloth simulations and tried new cloth brush. It took many hours, but I’m quite pleased with the results.
Reference photos by Ema Peter can be found here, here and here.

360 is available here


Great render! Did you model them all by yourself? It’s so detail!

Really nice, I love the mood, the light and materials :slight_smile: Good job

Very nice work. I guess cycles right? Do you want to share some details on the light set up?

Thank you! I’ve modeled everything except the trees outside, which are image from Unsplash.

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Thank you very much!

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You know I tried model and render this scene before and didn’t achieve anything like this level! Your work is spectacular!


Thank you! Yes, it is Cycles.
World is just a white background. There is a huge area light outside 20x24m and 6000W. I’ve also added portals for windows.

:relaxed: I’m so happy to find out there are other people who reproduced this scene! Someone sent me this link with the scene done in Sketchup.

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Yeah that one is nice too :smiley:

Amazing work! I have to ask you about your hair setups for that sheep fur on the chair (I’ve been using turbulence force field for that but yours looks so much better). Would you mind sharing the node tree for the material too?

Also, are those loose threads on the carpet and blanket hair particle systems as well? How’d you make them look so organic?

Thank you!
Fur hair is combed in Particle Edit. Material is default Principled Hair with almost invisible color variation.

Having more light paths makes it look prettier.

Yes, those are particles as well. Combed in Particle Edit (Comb, Length, Add). I think they look good because I tried to reproduce them from reference.
Here I described how carpet’s loose threads are done.


Thanks. Iv’e learned something new today! I understand portals now. It’s interesting, via portals you emulate incoming light as well as the massive areal light outside the house.
But what are these 4 vertical panels outside the window? I would assume they block some light or diffuse it.
I’ve also red that portals allow to reduce noise dramatically. But how does it effect sampling from your experience? Maybe sampling can be reduced after all.


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Thank you so much for the answer. I’ll definitely try it out in my future projects.

I’ve learned the concept of portals before making my first interior, so I’ve just assumed this is how it should be done. Never actually tried to render without them. You question makes me wonder if I’m doing it correctly… Definitely some more research is needed here. Thanks for asking.

Those are just background images of trees.

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Thanks. I think as long as it works for you probably shouldn’t be paying much attention to it :). I also wonder if you chosen world output to be fed by White Background node because it’s winter scene outside or you practice this technique on a regular basis?