Bedroom Arch-vis animation

Hey Everyone

Here is another animation I created (of course using iMeshh assets).
I wanted it to be a bit of a photography set kind of style with interesting lighting coming from outside to emulate moonlight or even evening sunlight through a forest. It almost has a dreamy feeling which is what I was aiming for.
Rendered on 3970x and a rtx 3090, about 20 frames per hour so roughly 40-48 hours total :).

I regularly use Vray and Corona in 3DS and one of a huge reason not to use Cycles was that it is quite slow compared, but now with this GPU it makes cycles a huge competitor and the speed is no longer an issue. It can render a 4k image in about 15mins which is insane!
Although a huge feature i’m missing is exclude/include objects from certain lights. PLEASE COME SOON.

I’d love to add rain to the glass but this scene is going to be uploaded to iMeshh, and I have not made a rain texture yet. There are CC0 rain textures available but they are not big enough without obvious tiling.
Maybe the next one will have it :slight_smile:

maybe this can help you. Excellent maps… and very big… I lower resolution to spare some memory :smile:


"First impression? You really wanna know?" Okay.

"What is(!) that thing above the bed?" Sure doesn’t look like any ceiling fan that I’ve ever seen! In fact, it positively looks like a CG grid!

And – I must candidly say that its presence, to my eye, destroys everything else.

This is awesome thanks! :slight_smile:

Haha fair enough. It’s my favourite lamp. I’m sorry it’s presence can destroy everything else in the animation lol. I’d have hoped something was nice in the animation at least as I was quite proud of it

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Beautiful work,nice warm lighting.


Amazing work :slight_smile:

Try E-cycles … Boost render time :slight_smile:

youtube channel

E - cycles

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Sorry, I forgot to add the link:

You’re #featured! :tada:

Can you make a tutorial for this project? Or an outline of how you got the lighting down?

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Amazing work with a really nice atmosphere and contrast.

I have to agree with the exclude/include objects from certain lights! It would be a game changer for blender, it seems to be in every high quality vray/corona workflow. It is a missing feature that is holding blender/cycles back for archviz.