Bedroom/desk wip

Continuing on from my desk times wip im now expanding to my bedroom starting wiht my computer desk which the desk items sat upon… i know ill not be able to complete this for many months to come as my computer wont be able to handel the workload of all these items togeather till i get a mew computer… but ill do what i can for now.

My current concern and problem… is the flooring… its a medium brown carpet… and being i cany use yafray or any of the fancier settings of blender becuase of my pathertic 96 megs of memory… is there wany way for me to do any believable form of carpeting or am i stuc wiht a white square till i get he new machiene?

i don’t know about the carpeting, you just probably need a new comp. If you go to new egg you can get a computer that’s approx. 30x better than a computer with only 96 megws for around $400.00 without monitor.

Can you show the mesh of this scene. I’m workign on some architecture myself

Plans are inthe works to have a new machiene by christmas…
as for the wire

random update…
added proper color textures to the wood…
added doors and the window as well as the interior wood panneling…
added blinds to the window as well as grassy image background.

probably another project ill never be alowed to finish becuase of the P100 i am currently on… and being we just found out that christmass is going tobe spent spending 4000$ on totally replacing a colapsed septic system… no chance in hell of a new computer in any future.

That’s a most-amazing lamp, to be throwing light around like that.

well irl the shadows arent as well defined at a larger distance… but that cant be helpwed with the basic settings of blenders internal render… but the lamp does throw al those shadows off becuase of the frames intricate workings and 3 bulbs inside.