Bedroom Flooding 3 with FLIP Fluids Addon - Bubbles, Foam, Spray, Dust

I used FLIP Fluids addon and enabled whitewater particles: bubbles, foam, spray, and dust.


You really want to flood the gallery, don’t you? :clown_face:


This one is really starting to get realistic. The water itself is pretty much there. At this point, the main thing that gives away this isn’t real water is that it doesn’t interact with the objects (push them or make them visibly wet).

Good job, keep going!


Thank you! I tried adding the collisions to the furniture but the animation became very unstable. I need to read more on this and will make sure to add object collisions on my next one. :slight_smile:

Oops :slight_smile: Sorry about that!

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Have you tried to create separate collision meshes? Instead of making the complex furniture model itself collide, you create a simplified version made from basic cylinders and cubes that won’t be rendered to serve as the collision.

And if the result is stable enough, you could try giving some movement to the objects. Look at which frame the water hits each loose object and from which direction and animate them manually (moving them sideways) so it looks like the water flow is pushing them.

I didn’t try that approach. Maybe I will give it a shot. I find it disappointing that I have to do special tricks to make basic collisions work. In my case making the table a collision object it would make it tremble up and down. Does the topology need to be corrected?

Traditionally, this has been the standard way of doing it. Computers and simulations weren’t always strong enough to work directly with high poly meshes. Anyway, you don’t need to do it for everything, just for any object that misbehaves.

The table itself trembles? I haven’t had the chance to use the flip fluids addon, but shouldn’t the collision object be completely still, like in Blender’s default simulator? Or do you mean the water is misbehaving around the table?

Unless you have some really weird topology, I would think any glitch in the water would happen because of the shape of the objects and the fluid settings, not the topology. Maybe the narrow crack in the table interacts badly with the particles.

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The trembling isn’t a problem with the fluid simulation. All that works fine. As soon as I designate the table a physics collision object, as I scrub through the simulation, before even any water touches it, the table bounces up and down without any force touching it. This is more of a blender physics/collision issue. I would expect the collision object to be still and move only when the water makes contact to it. But it bounces up and down from frame 1 (like some happy live table lol)

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