Bedroom (Int. day)

Here’s my last render.

I know I said I’m kind of opsessed with character modeling but even if it’s true, I understand that I have to switch to other projects if I want to stay motivated. It’s like fresh air.

I just want to make a precision. The office chair isn’t mine, however I changed a little bit the textures but it’s not very obvious at that distance.

Here’s the link to the chair.


Blends / Interstuhl silver office chair

Blends / Collections)

as well as the open book on the bed table and the painting on the left side of the frame. They’ve provided freely by Andrew Price in his free Architecture Academy starter pack. Some other books on the floor are also from the same pack and other are mine. It’s just so booooring to model books that I couldn’t model other more. The fact is that I wanted to make an little animation with this bedroom that consisted to lateral traveling (left right) so I modeled a book shelf on the left off camera part but as Cycles took me 7 hours of rendering (at least it’s a noise free render) I’m just gonna give up the idea unless I bake the lights. I will try maybe but for the moment I’m a little bit tired of that project. I go to next one.

I wish I could continue The Viking but for a commercial point of view I’m gonna try another interior day.

What can I say more than PLEASE MAKE CYCLES FASTER, PLEASE !! I bought a GTX 580 four months ago, I can’t even use it either because some shaders aren’t supported yet like the SSS or simply because at some point it refuse to work. So obviously I have to use the CPU which luckely, isn’t bad at all… fot the moment.

Yes, so there it is !!


Awesome!! maby just lacking some lights in the ceiling or maby a hanging one from the roof between the two beams.

Thank you James, it’s good to have a positive feedback !

You are right, a hanging light could be approriate since it also can focus the eye to the center. On the top of the ceiling there’s actually a window (the light that you see on the stone wall comes from there) and that’s why I didn’t put it but maybe I took the wrong decision and an artificial light could be better.

You said it lacks light on the ceiling… do you mean that the ceiling needs to be litten a little more? or that light could be coming from the ceiling ?? In the first case I could add a emitter plane to add fill light on the ceiling. I will try it and see if it’s better.

The lighting of the scene looks great to me. The light on the wall from the window above is perfect, I don’t think artificial light is needed but rather just the light fitting being there would add to realism. I thinking just s single hanging light from the ceiling (off or on).
Examples :

The right side wall isn’t really working, it looks like a weird wallpaper, and I can’t figure out why it would be there in the first place. Also, the chair is too low for the desk, armrests should be around the height of the desktop, or just below.

Also, the image appears to have been hit with a noise reduction filter or something? There’s nasty soft-ish look to it. If you’re having render time issues with Cycles, work on optimizing your scene instead of trying to fix things with noise reduction filters. Use branched path, it’s much more efficient when set up properly (the simple progressive mode shouldn’t even exist anymore, much less be the default). Use the clamp-indirect and filter glossy to minimize indirect noise, don’t use more bounces that you need, etc.

I like your render, is realistic to me, just it have no baseboard down the wall.

Hi, thanks for the critics !!
@ J The Ninja : you’re totally right, that’s a filter noise I used on Photoshop. It wasn’t really necessary (since it doesn’t do miracles) but I used it anyway. You have good eyes !!
I didn’t figure why the stone wall was weird but I let it like that because of the render time that botherd me a lot knowing I used a normal map in the right direction I assumed it was just me but you came with the same critic and I checked it out right now… the fact is that by mistake the normal has been replaced by a bump one that’s why id doesn’t work at all. That’s good you told me because by laziness I would have let it like that.

There’s now more and more reasons to make another render with that image and I will take advantage of that situation to model an artificial hanging lamp as James Ray suggested me.

Thanks a lot guys :slight_smile:

Very realistic scene. There is some problems with blanket…

I love it…Awesome…

Here’s another render.

I said there was a problem with the normal map, in that case I just increased it a little bit. I followed the James Ray advice to add a hanging lamp and Netcitizen noticed a problem with the blanket. The problem was that the subsurf for the rendering was set to 1 instead of 2.

yes…now is better…cool