Bedroom Interior Design

Hi, this one is the recent showcase of my work in blender.
Comment and suggestion to improve photo-realism are welcomed.

I’ll be uploading other camera angles. in coming days.

This looks great! The materials all look good and the textures are realistic. The only thing that I would say is the lighting is a little flat. If the enclave to the right of the free pot is a window as I suppose it is, I would add much more sunlight coming in. You want to have some areas much brighter than others in order to have your viewers “feel the sunlight”. This will add much more realism if that is what you are shooting for.

It is very nice. But the lighting from lamp needs Filter-Glare in Compositing

Thanks sizle95 for taking time out to post nice comment. :slight_smile:

Regarding lighting you are right…in an actual space there is a narrow window towards right but using HDR leads to a lot of noise and color shift even at higher sample.
Also, using sun lamp doesn’t yield the desired result (atleast for me, may be i don’t know the required settings to pull that off). Do you know any good recourse in this “lighting” issue?

Thanks Joanna GL…Yeah U are right. I noticed that after the render was complete and sent to the client ( too late…:no: ).

Hello again…Here are another shots of the same room.

Nice the first plan it looks like the camera. Although I have the impression that is not naturally clear. It’s hard to define a light source.