Bedroom Interior Render

This is a work that i had recently been finishing up and im pretty happy with it, except for the fact of how empty it feels. I feel as though I am at my wits end for what can be added. Criticism welcome on anything

How about if you just re-think the camera position so that there is a bit less floor in the render?

The render looks like its a photo of a miniature bedroom or something. Try bringing the camera closer to the floor and closer in on your focal point.

Looks good so far.

The scale of the models are a bit off I believe!

I really like the texture of the bedding. I agree with the people above that the scale seems a bit off. If you want to add things to the scene, maybe you can put something on the ledges on both sides of the bed. Alarm clocks, diaries, radio, etc.

This looks almost like a real picture. Almost. Scaling’s a bit off, but everything else looks very spot-on. The texturing, the lighting from the window, all of it really makes it look like a bedroom in an actual house

The wooden floor planks are too long, they need some joints. Otherwise you couldn’t lay the floor.

It does look empty, but that’s because it’s lacking signs of life, other than the vanity bench at an angle and the bed unmade. Add more signs of life, like a book or an alarm clock on the bedside table, perhaps a cellphone or iphone charger. Add makeup or other such things on the vanity. If the bench is any indication, it sees a fair bit of use, and it should show that. A trash bin somewhere. A rug on the floor in that wide empty space can draw the eye to a focal point. More things on the wall, perhaps. Also, with the amount of light coming in through the window, the lights don’t need to be on. I used to live in a house that was very open with windows like that, and we hardly ever used the lights except at night.