Bedroom Interior

My second architectural render. I made it with Blender Cycles and rendered it using 1000 samples. Everything was modeled by me except for the glass of water, the picture and the books. They’re from Andrew Price’s architecture starter pack. The worktime was about 8 hours, the render time was 2,5 hours. I lit the scene using an hdri. I hope you guys like it. I’ll probably do a few more renders from different angles.


I rlly like the bedcover and pillows but for me it seems you have a problem with your scaling. The bed looks rlly huge
in comparison to the room. And I miss a balcony.

You’re right about the balcony. I should add that. The bed is just really big in that room (it’s the bedroom of some people I know), so I just recreated it according to the groundplan. But maybe I should make it smaller.

U can model with metric units.

I know, and I did. The dimensions of the room were 3m4m. The bed is 2m2m.

What is the height of the bed?

You could try to unwrap the bedcover a bit differently, it seems to be unwrapped from view.
Maybe unwrap it from top view?

It’s 80 cm high, just like my reference. I think the window may have really turned out too small.

The UV map for the bed was frustrating. I unwrapped it before modeling the details, then noticed that I had to extrude the sides downwards once more, which streched the texture. Only unwrpping it from camera view didn’t result in streching.

Try this add-on:
It is the best tool i ever used u can unwrap everthing with that in seconds with almost perfect results.
Most of the time i use smart UV project and then quad unwrap.

I’ll try it :slight_smile: Thank you