Bedroom render, help for more realism

Hello this is the first render i want to post here. It is a bedroom. Even if i am quite happy with the result,
i would hope to get tips how to achive a more realistic render. My biggest problems are still the pillows and
other fabric related things. Also tips for better plants would be nice.

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Very nice!
I think making the folds on the blanket wider instead of small and numerous would add to the realism. I also love the lighting :slight_smile:

Nice job there! I think the room looks great, just the fabric is a bit odd. The bed corner closest to the camera produces a weird and big shadow that takes away the realism in my opinion. In my opinion the fabric should be much softer and subtle. Right now seems to have a very very strong bump map added to it which makes all its shadows very strange. Maybe is just a tiny adjustment what you need :slight_smile:

About the plants, I think they look great as they are, but if you want to go an extra step further, maybe a tiny bit of SSS would help. Are you using Principled material as a base for your materials?

Thanks for the feedback. I am not using the principle shader, but i am using a bpr shader made with a youtube tutorial from blenderguru. I think the idea of the SSS is nice, but i used the translucent shader, because my graphics card doesn t support SSS (i am not sure if its just mine or graphics cards are not supported for SSS is general).

hmmm, that sounds strange. I have a GTX 670 2GB and it works just fine with Cycles and SSS, as any other shader. I guess it should work fine with every CUDA supported GPUs. Just in case, ensure you have the latest Blender release. I’ve read in previous releases SSS was only available as an experimental option, but with 2.79 it’s stable.

Anyway, I think the main thing is with the bed. I look forward to see your progress with it :slight_smile:

Nice work so far!

Some suggestions (feel free to disagree or disregard):

maybe less wrinkles (just a few to denote clothing, softer fabric (less texturing, maybe some slight transparency), and some warmer lighting, as in this quick example:

Best wishes on your project!