Bedroom render

In this last period i tried to model some furnitures; some of them are in this render:

Feel free to critique! There is not yet postprocessing, maybe if you are good at that you can try to edit this image and post here the results…Here are some things i discovered after more than 3 hours rendering at 1000 samples: the texture of the blue blanket (hand modeled, texture in Gimp) its a little stretched, maybe i will add a greyish squared texture at the white blanket (cloth sim) on the top; the glass need more reflection of the inside? How camera composition can be improved? Lighting?

Very fine so far. Only two things I will point out: the background outside looks a bit flat. And the throw rug doesn’t look like shag…it just… I don’t know, can’t put my finger on it, but it looks more like plastic than real fabric.

Other than that, it looks quite good so far. I especially like the wall behind the bed. I’ve always wanted one of those in my house…


if i were u i would call the back ground just a pic on the wall and the render is perfect :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello Mik1190,

I like the wall and casual arrangement of the blankets. To improve the window it needs much more reflection of the interior, as it is darker outside than it is inside the room. Also, detailed trim works wonders at making a window really “pop”.


Thanks for the critics! Here is a render(800 samples) with some corrections

@ Jdaniels and derek : the background it’s all 3d, except the sky, however yes, seems like a flat photo, probably its the lake with very little waves… i tried to increase the bump in the image below, but it’s not enough. I darken the rug color, it’s better now?
@ voodoc : i agree with the window reflection, i increased it, maybe in the ‘final’ render a little more. But i dont get what this means

Also, detailed trim works wonders at making a window really “pop”.
, my english it’s not the best…
Last thing, except the (hopefully) improvements to the outside and lighting, i changed the curtains from ‘top to down’ to ‘normal’ ones. Now the background seems less a picture?

The window looks more like a painting, or at most like a small diorama put behind the glass. Reasons for this are many, I am no expert, but:

  1. Maybe you better tone the reflection back down. Making the glass more reflective only emphasizes the “diorama” feeling. The window glass should give clear reflections only when it’s dark outside. It’s currently dark outside here, and I just opened my curtains and turned on the lights: I can see some of my room in the window, but not as clear.

  2. Lighting of the background scene. It looks like it’s evening (or morning?). Anyway, this is enough light to tone down window glass reflections, but… I don’t know how to phrase it. There is no perspective to the background. It looks flat. Maybe because noise on the glass washes out shadows (and currently the reflections certainly “steal” a good part of the background: the lamp highlight at the bottom kills the fence, and reflected blankets look like mountains stacked on that bridge), or simply maybe you need a little more play with the lights: make the leaves translucent, maybe put some sunlight through that part of the curtain that is currently shadowed… I understand there is no direct sun rays visible, but you must understand that light scattered by the atmosphere is still enough to affect the room. Some deep orange light (like that in the clouds) shining through the leaves and the curtain might help.

  3. The bridge. Are these yellow dots lights? If so, maybe it’s worth to emphasize them. Direct light from outside lamps passing through the glass gets polarized, you get that “glare” effect: anything from lines to stars, depending on the lamp and the glass. But as it’s still bright enough outside, maybe just a little blur-glow would do.

@Stan Pancakes: I’m not sure how light works in your world.

@mik1190: With all the attention the landscape is getting…maybe a big bookcase would serve to illustrate the interior better. At least that way the focal point would return to the bed instead of the distant horizon. Anyway, I think it looks better with the reflections. What I meant by adding trim, was to just add a window frame.

The color balance is a little skewed from the yellow lights, however. Here is a version I quickly balanced…it might not be as warm as you were going for, but it might help you tune your light setup.


It looks quite good! Can you explain the camera angle though?

Also, you can fix the little chest to the left.

I tried again to fix the background(it’s evening :slight_smile: ), now instead of 3d there is a image (from as well as some other textures) mapped into a plane and especially i improved the framing of the window. About reflections: i increased them a little more, but i even darkened the exterior, uhm…here it is with no postpro:

and here with post: some auto balance, curve correction, contrast, etc…how come?

Then i rendered the same scene with morning lighting, this down with no postprocessing, but in another version i have increased the light and added some bloom.

I rendered at 2000 samples, took forever on cpu, more than 6 hour per scene.
This can be useful to someone: becouse it took so long time and afraid of power losses, crashes…i split the render in several parts using shift+b in camera viewport to select render area, then i merget the parts in gimp with ‘lighten only’ layer mode.
Here the question: except noise, these renders can be called finished, at example proposed to a ‘not so esigent’ client, even if i can improve the reflections and the chest?

Thank you!
Here is a screen with (random?) composition guides, keep in mind i am not expert whit them :slight_smile:
Probably was better a lower view; you are right about the chest, i spend very little time on it compared to the bed…

The morning scene can be improved. I don’t know how to improve it, but it looks much more unrealistic than the night version. And it looks more like evening than morning.