Bedroom - rendered with TheBounty v2.0 renderer for Blender v2.90 alpha

Hi there. Iโ€™m considering on making realistic interiors using TheBounty v2.0 renderer for Blender 2.90 alpha. It has really fast development progress now and it has faster exporter hair now. E.g.: 1mln in 6seconds๐Ÿ˜Ž and plus some extra features has been added. Anyways, as CGI Artist i recommend you follow on development progress.
But now I started this small bedroom interior and would like share with you:

โ— Pathtracing integrator;
โ— Recursive raytracing depth is 3;
โ— Shadow depth is 3;
โ— Ray gather depth is 3;
โ— 32samples/pixel, 4 AA samples, 2 pass, 2 additional samples;
โ— Filmic LUT, Medium high contrast;
โ— Emitter plane lit on the windows, no HDRI used;
โ— Spot lamps with specific IES lights.