Bedroom - rendered with TheBounty v2.0 renderer for Blender v2.90 alpha

Hi there. I’m considering on making realistic interiors using TheBounty v2.0 renderer for Blender 2.90 alpha. It has really fast development progress now and it has faster exporter hair now. E.g.: 1mln in 6seconds😎 and plus some extra features has been added. Anyways, as CGI Artist i recommend you follow on development progress.
But now I started this small bedroom interior and would like share with you:

● Pathtracing integrator;
● Recursive raytracing depth is 3;
● Shadow depth is 3;
● Ray gather depth is 3;
● 32samples/pixel, 4 AA samples, 2 pass, 2 additional samples;
● Filmic LUT, Medium high contrast;
● Emitter plane lit on the windows, no HDRI used;
● Spot lamps with specific IES lights.


Hi. I continue on the project and updated some stuff with retexturing and changed Lighting integrator from Pathtracing to Direct Lighting:


Nice… but I have some questions.
Why caustic photons? I can’t see any glass material in the scene.
Same question for ‘Transparent shadows’… If not required, these options only add processing time.
Also, using gamma 1.0 output can add realism to the scene.

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@povmaniaco thanks. I thought that if i’ve Transparented (Opacity enabled e.g.: curtains) objects and it will need to enable Trans.shade.:blush:
Now I understand you😉