Bedroom Scene

I started this project as part of the My Desk challenge but then I just started doing it for myself. This is a little diorama of my bedroom when the sun is setting outside my window.
Rendered in Cycles, 750 frames with denoise node.

Was interesting so see the difference between eevee’s render and cycles, I felt the lighting was too high contrast in the eevee render, leaving the rest of the room in darkness but cycles really lit the whole room.

Eevee render:

Thanks for checking it out :grin:


So you’re not going to have this enter in the challenge? It would be a great entry! You could bake the lighting and use that on Sketchfab, it should look very close to your original.

That’s a great idea! I was worried about the lighting being very different on sketchfab. I’ll definitely try that, thanks!

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