Bedroom scene

Decided to create a full scene since its something i haven’t tryed before. Currently in the process of making props for the scene.

Better quality renders can be found on my deviantart page
C&C welcome.


do all of the modelling first then do the materials and texture then lighting then the rendering (POV) then the compositing

Thanks for the tip

Don’t follow it though. Lighting comes before surfacing (materials and textures). No point testing materials and then change the light and realize they all respond differently. Then like Roland Hess says in his Blender Foundations book, “if you can light a scene effectively without any custom surfacing, you know you have done it right”.

“Do your lighting first, and make it look good”.

Regarding your scene, it’s still early to comment but good work on what you’ve got so far. I’m not sure your first image is what you’re going for as the final camera position, if so I’d work a bit on the composition of it. Everything is far and there’s a lot of empty space in the middle. But again, it’s still early to say since you’ll probably be adding quite a bit more stuff. Keep it up!

ill second that lighting is the most important part of the image, get it wrong and it can destroy your hard work,

Bedrooms, awesome :D! Now let’s take a nap…

-What is the window? Is it made of light-emitting blue alien goo? We can’t see what’s outside. That’ll have to change, good fella.

-Image 2 is a lamp? Where is the power supply?

-Omg, I <3 beds! why is your matress so dirty?

-Your floor combines specularity with mirror. Try pulling up the Hardness of the specularity.

That’s all I can find for now :slight_smile:

Happe Blending!

I did choose to set the lighting up first but after using my house TV as a second monitor to my laptop i realised that my laptop screen colours may be washed out (or i’ve been tampering with the wrong setting on my TV). If you could tell me what you think of the lighting it will be greatly appreciated.
I think i may have made the room to big (7m x 4m) that’s why there is so much space. I’ll either make the room smaller or find a way to fill scene up.


  1. The window is transparent thats the world sky you can see.
    2.Very good point, which reminds me to put some sockets in the room
    3.I’ll look into that it should be white (that will most likely have to wait till i finish all the modelling though).

About the lighting, it’ll be easier to see when you add shadows to the scene. What lights do you have so far?
About the room, I’d make the room smaller, otherwise you run the risk of having to clutter the whole scene and still end up not satisfied :slight_smile: But do experiment with things and see how you like it!

I have 4 light sources in my scene. I have a weak area lamp that covers the entire ceiling (energy 0.130, distance 50cm, gamma 1). A sun lamp through the window with sky texture and slight yellow tint (Energy 0.250, blending on add, horizon and sun setting on 0.500). I have another area lamp in the same area as the sun with a yellow tint(energy 2, Distance, 6m, Gamma 1, Shadow on with 1 sample and adaptive QMC). The fourth lamp is aimed upwards towards the ceiling through the window with a blue tint (energy 0.860, Distance 2m, Gamma 1).

I’ve uploaded images of the current light set up, but i’ll be starting from scratch using the tips you just gave me.


Redid the lighting. Noticed in my clay renders i was getting a lot of noise in the shadows and faces of the cube does anyone know how to get rid of that.

A large version of the full render can be found here


Oooh, nice! I think it looks much better :slight_smile:

I can’t see the noise you’re talking about in these images, but I assume it’s either

a) you’re using a sun lamp casting ray shadows, in which case you need to increase the number of samples (which will make your render times go up quite a bit…), or
b) you’re using a spot lamp casting buffered shadows, in which case you should make the cone as narrow as possible and then work out a map size that works.

I’m also noticing you probably have your area lamp positioned on the inside of the window, is that right? Try positioning it just slightly outside, and make sure you match the size of it to the size of the window as well as possible. Maybe make it more subtle (in terms of energy) too.

You may want to add thickness to the walls, right now that’s what’s popping out the most to my eyes at least :slight_smile: Keep up the good work!

Edit: I forgot, I’d make the floor less reflective, or at least blur the reflection (although that will up the render times even more).

The area lamp is just outside the window. Also should i use 2 area lamps since the window is at a right angle or will one be enough?
The floor has a reflectivity of 0.056 ish. So i’m guessing i’m going to have to blur the reflections which was what i was hoping to avoid.

Yep I’d use two lamps to cover that elbow. About the reflectivity I’m surprised it’s that low already, but try bringing it down even further. Use the rule of halves: bring it down from 0.056 do 0.028, if still too much then down to 0.014, if too low then up to 0.021… like that. Maybe you won’t need blur if you plan to add some roughness to the floor, if it’s supposed to be dancefloor-polished then it would be reflective like that, but I don’t think that’s what you want.

Edit: looking at my own wood-tiled floor right now, yep, the irregularities soften and blur the reflections a lot - I guess the best way to simulate it would be to blur the reflection as well, but you may get away with it with just using the bump map.

Worked on the lighting and reflections of the floor. Added more props and corrected the missing plugs and sockets.
Hi res version



Render times are getting long so my next few renders i may disable AA or just update less.

Hi res version


great improvements !

Will add cables at the end

Hi res


Does anyone have any tips or tutorials for setting up background images and getting them to look right because i’ve spent about 2+ hours today trying to set it up so it looks right and i’m finding it near impossible

There is one good way that is found in an Andrew Price Tutorial on architecture (Guess what I’ve been working on recently?) it in Part 2 of his architecture tutorials. I’m not sure if his workarounds still apply to 2.57, but none the less It works with 2.56 so I doubt it wouldn’t work.

My advice is to add a plane or sphere, and map an image onto that (whether it be a flat imageplane or a sky map sphere then also add that same thing to your sky materials. Personally I HATE blender sky…too much work for too little effect in my opinion.

Looking much better so far, filling the room can be hard, trust me. My advice is to lok around your own room. Maybe have a speaker set, a cup full of pencils, a laptop in it’s case next to the bed, books lying around, letters, pictures in frames, cupboards, a flag from your own country (or a team flag) a chair in the corner with a bookshelf next to it. The possibilities for filling the room are endless, but those are some good ideas.