Bedroom scene

I have made a bedroom scene using a build form graphicall which has Luxrender 0.8 R4C integrated. The version of Blender is 2.57.1. Here is my “latest” render. I know the curtains look plane and i have corrected that but not yet rendered it. So here it is. Comment as much as you like. Criticize me honestly, for i know very little of Luxrender.:). But before anything goes on, i would like to ask about the usage of the “Matte Translucent” material. How do you use it? There is no evident usage of it in the whole scene, but i am trying to make it work for my curtains. But whenever i render the new scene, the curtain has got splotches of bright spots on it (despite the fact that energy conservation thingy is on). I dont know how to use it:(. But for now this is the render:

This is teh picture from which i took reference:

The scene looks pretty good I’d say, however with as much noise as you have in your render it’s hard to really tell where things could be funky. It’s hard to tell what texture you have on the wall over the dresser. Is it regular brick or what?

Not sure about your translucency problem…

Edit: There’s light coming from some odd places in the upper right and lower left (by the dresser)

Also the whole scene could be brightened up a little bit.

yeah i am having a problem with rendering. I have quite an old pc and rendering on it has been difficult. The light leaking out of nowhere is also a strange thing. I don’t know why this happens. But i am trying to improve them and soon i may be able to send another render.:slight_smile:
By this time , can you guys please help me out on my current problems:

  1. Slow rendering, old pc.
  2. Leaky light
  3. Matte Translucent material problems