Bedroom wars the project

Hello all you have seen most of my posts recently i’m sure not much meaning but a little heart. I have finally started a big project other than the failed attempts at something Halo 4,Futuristic soldier, and vice versa. This is a full throttle heart pounding project. I am first starting out to make a model of a robot worker.

Try :stuck_out_tongue:

lol should of thought of that thanks

ok I made an imageshack account and updated with image. Sorry for not getting good view I am new at this.

We all started somewhere :slight_smile:

You should smooth your model. Select it and press set Smooth in the edit panel

Okay got it.

Here it is

how should i make the arms and legs?

or sorry arms because he supposed to levitate

Its still not smooth

how smooth am I supposed to smooth it?

I don’t want to lose those things sticking out so how smoooth?

oh set smooth got yah

Yeh sorry

:slight_smile: That’s better.

How should I do the hands should i make the levitate like rayman or solid.