Bedroom - weekend exercise.


This is the result of a small exercise to practice working with reference image. Rendered with Cycles.

Criticise if You want, don’t critisice if You don’t want to :wink: Thanks for viewing! :slight_smile:

Reference image:

Looks good and I like the color filter. What I like in the reference image (that’s also a render) is a bit more lightness that was lost in your scene. Not a big thing though, you did an excelent work!

Very nice.
Could you share some info about lighting setup and render times?

Thats Looking Great! Please send some wire frames and The Lighting setup!! :smiley:

Thank You for Your comments. I am happy that You like it! :slight_smile:

About lighting setup and wires… Well they are quite simple and straight forward, but here it is:

The creases on the closet look like painted on, could use some more bump. The carpet could also use a bit more structure. It seems to me like some dark whole in the image.

Thanks. I will try to avoid all that in the future. :slight_smile:

nice results, i like it.

:frowning: I’m spending my weekend learning how to texture a simple table :frowning: