Have made a cabinet. materials may change. Pls comment.

the modeling is good i just think that the bottom is a bit wierd.

I also think that’s great modeling, but you might want to change the materials a little because it looks like it was carved out of one big chunk of wood. You know what I mean?

Nice model except as said above the bottom is really odd. In my opinion it should be made thicker, more solid. Its too small compared to the rest.

The material defenitely needs more work. It might work to seperate the drawers and doors (or each main piece if you really want to) and assign the same material so the texture is interupted when you change piece. Understand what i mean?

hmm… the bottom definitely needs work. As I said earlier, the materials are temporary. This cabinet is first of the other items I have to model for the bedroom. Lets hope for the best.