Hi ,

bedroom plan , blender 2.45 - render indigo 1.0. ( sys. ubuntu linux 64 )

Nice bedroom!
Great job, although the pillows look a bit… weird.

:slight_smile: thanks

Look at that! nice.
you really did some work in there had you! :evilgrin:
is it a hotel plan?
and why use indigo render?

Because Indigo has superior rendering quality, that’s why.

Photoguy :slight_smile: :slight_smile:
yes :slight_smile: only practise , just for fun

Great room ,really like it 4 stars ,BTW No indigo for 3dsMax and Xsi indigo is uber hard .except XSI tinted indigo it works as easy as internal renderer but it needs some $$$.= (
((sorry for posting it in your thread =P))

I like it…You have quite a bit of detail in the roof which is very impressive…

My only crit is the way the bed joins the legs…looks a little floaty :confused: …but otherwise really nice work :slight_smile: wood looks great…