modeled in blender, rendered with yafaray…


Very nice, I’d call this photorealistic, atleast it is on first sight.

There are 3 minor things;

  • the ‘wires’ around the edge of the carpet seem a bit strange
  • the flowers and the pictureframe might be a bit too bright. This could however also be my screen, as my color settings are probably a bit fucked up (pardon my language).

As this is in the Finished Projects section, you may not want to change it anymore. In that case, ignore my points above.

Divine Rage

Looks very awesome… Photorealistic at first site, but something just makes me think that it’s not at second glance. But a very amazing job. What lighting method did you use in yafaray?

Oh man, this is so nicely done !

High level of realism can be seen in this great artwork.Nice modeling , great materials with harmonic colors , photo realistic sharers.Every thing is great in my idea. WELL DONE easydream!

Hi easydream

I like more the image you posted on

Be careful when editing your image in JPG format. The compression artifacts are very evident on your image, and it has lost all the sharpness compared with the image posted in the yafaray forum.

Use EXR, PNG or TGA. Anyway it is a great work.

Looks great! Though the threads on the carpet may need a bit of work. They seem very wirey. Very stiff. But other than that, great!

Animation! Animation!

It would be fun to comp in a person and make the bed float… (sorry, just excited)

The bottles and fruit look a little CG. Overall the shadows seem a little short, especially under the bed and again with the bottles and fruit.

And where did you get the paintings/pictures from? One looks a lot like a painting I had at one point.

Kevin W

Overall very nice work. I particularly appreciate your attention to texturing with proper scale and following the wood pieces grain.

A few things that don’t quite work though:

  1. The carpet fringe shows its polygons nature. This is really too bad for such attention to other details.

  2. The grapes in the fruit bowl looks like anything else but grapes. The champagne bottles and the glasses look artificially placed/oranized. They need a tad more entropy. and the champagne bottle surface looks weird. It certainly does not look like glass.

  3. The flower pot and the portrait frame on the desk look way too bright. The little book also have some brightness issues. I understand that this is due to the sun coming from the window but that does not work right now because we cannot see the sun shine on the desk so it is perceived wrong.

  4. The paintings above the bed looks like those cheap paintings that are found in hotel rooms. If you want to convey the “hotel room” feeling then I guess this is OK although it is still a sore spot in the render. Better paintings would be welcome as well as nice wooden frames around the painting and a disposition that better occupy the space on this section of the wall.

  5. The overall composition is weak and boring. The camera is turned too much toward the right. I understand that this is to show the closet but this is bad for the composition and the wardrobe/closet, although nicely modeled and textured is not that important. This is more an archvis sort of composition than an artistic composition (although, archvis might be your actual goal here). Personally, I feel the foreground table have more artistic potention than the closet. You need to find a better camera position and orientation, in other words a better point of view.

  6. The flower pot, the photo frame and the champagne bottles have a great potential for a background story but you are not utilizing those elements in any dramatic way. They are just blandly placed there. You could redispose those elements along with a different camera POV and composition to tell evoque a story and still show all the nice modeling and texturing work. This would add yet another dimension to your work.

Hi ALL Thank you for your comments )))
Specially thanks to ypoissant )))
And I think I should say that it is a commercial work done only for 12 hours… (with rendering)