Hi everybody, I’m new here and to blender. It’s been a month since I started to play with Blender and here is my first “serious” project. I sawthis image from a bedroom and tried to do it from scratch. Here is my work at the moment.

I used the leather material from elbrujodelatribu and a wood material from blendswap made by 19seanak19.
I’d like to get some advices, opinions or whatever you want. In my next post I’ll expose my doubts and the problems that I faced during the “blendering”.
So here it goes…

Hello and welcome,

I must say that its a good start.

I have a couple of small comments:

  1. The Deskchair’s legs are a little bit too small;
  2. Compared to the reference image, the right carpet must be a little bit larger and more highpoly;
  3. The raised platform is a little bit too squarisch;

I’ve hoped I helped you with these comments.


The.Jack Thanks a lot for your comments!
You’re right my chair’s legs are short.:yes: I’ll extend them.
About the carpet, I don’t see what you mean with Highpoly. I made a plane, modeled it and then made a particle system(my first) hair style, emitting 3500 particles of a 4 mesh group. Then made 25 children. Do you mean more “children” ore more resolution on my meshes(subsurf?)? Do you know why there are parts without “hair”? Is there another way to do a hairy carpet?

And about the platform I had a lot of problems with subsurfing. The face that is vertical below the bed had a very bad shape(rounded, like a dome) and I had to add a lot of loopcuts to make it flat and that made my corners very squarish. I think I’ll do like I did with the libraries, I’ll do a cube(as bed support) and a beveled cube and do a boolean modifier to have the rounded edges shape into the front part.

Once again, thanks for the feedback. I¡ll post my progression soon!

Welcome to the forums! This is a great first image. I like the details so far, and the design is quite unique! I think some things could be improved; for example I’m seeing some polygon glitches in the intersection between the stairway and the wall…you could probably fix that by separating your stairs object from your wall object?
Architectural modeling with subsurf can be difficult; I might almost suggest using the bevel modifier and cranking up the steps so that you achieve the same effect with cleaner topology. Just my preference really.

Here we are again, yesterday I made the chair’s legs a little bit bigger, made the raised platform and stairs from scratch using bevel modifiers instead of subsurf, added 3 paints on the right wall, made the right carpet bigger and made the room bigger in general because I didn’t like the image proportions. I made the front library smaller and fixed a bit the topology of the right library. I also separated the stairs from the wall as suggested. I know I have to move back the left carpet, that was a detail I forgot to repair… Thanks for the suggests. Now I’ll need to improve a lot the lightning and obviously textures!!! Ah and here is my .blend(6MB).