Hello everyone!

I’m new here, and this is an interior design scene I made yesterday. It is a bedroom with simple furniture and nature themed design. I just wanted to share it with you. Your comments and feedback are welcome because that’s what I really need :slight_smile:

Here are some pictures of this blender project:


The first thing that I noticed was that the floor was so dirty when everything else is clean; it really throws it off balance. And you say you were going for a natural look, yet there aren’t many flowing shapes. Also the very small tillable patterns make it look somewhat uninteresting, but I suppose that may simply be personal preference.

Overall quite nice and appealing especially being put together quickly.

Overall you’ve done an excellent job. I think the blankets on the bed are particularly well done. I don’t know if it is the repeated use of the same wood grain on the three furniture items, or how much the grain stands out, but something doesn’t seem right about them. The floor doesn’t bother me so much as the contrast of the rustic wood against the pristine finish on the other wood furniture. Great work though!

Edit: Upon looking again, I think the biggest problem with the wood texture on the three furniture items is how the grain is wrapping around the objects. You may need to separate out the UVs so that the grain is running the proper direction in a few places.

Thank you for your feedback :)!! Does the floor look dirty:eek:? I didn’t intend to make it look like that at all; it’s just a different looking kind of wood texture which I slightly modified using cycle nodes . Perhaps, I can change it and try another one. As for the natural look, I tried to achieve that by using mild colour hues and by adding those pictures of plant and tree leaves to the scene. What flowing shapes can I add? I don’t really know…can you suggest something?

Thank you for your feedback:)!! Yes, those blankets took a fair amount of time to edit and finish. You are right about the strange looking wood texture on those three items. I didn’t take enough to work on that properly. I just used a single UV mapping direction and size for all the sides and parts of each piece:o ( I blame my laziness). I definitely should redo that for better looking results. I really appreciate your feedback. Thank you so much!!