bee wings animation


There is a tutorial (or somthing ) that explain how to creat a bee wings animation?

the bee wings animation are done separated from bee model? if so, how to connect them?.

i work with blender 2.57 (one step before 2.58).

for the answers …thank you

:frowning: no ones here know how to do that?

Not really enough info there for what you want to do. I mean what style and so on. You could have the wings separate or even connected. If separate you’d parent them. These are some very basic questions and it sounds like you need to get a grasp on the basics of rigging and animation in Blender before you proceed.

Read the manual and have a look for some tutorials on rigging.

Select wings Shift select the body so both are selected press control and at the same time press p then press make parent.

Thanks. but i want to know how to do the bee,like this movie
look on the bee wings …how to create so fast up/down wings animation?

p.s - the tutorials was on modeling a dragon/angle wings …not a bee.

Yes I know it was about a dragon/angel wing. Did it go into rigging at all? That is what I was trying to show you.

Obviously there is not much to a rig for a bee wing. In fact all it as to be is parented to the be mesh and animate it. What makes it look fast is motion blur. But there could be many tricks for that.

I could not find a bee wing tutorial. But a tutorial on any kind of wing would help you to start getting the hang of animation in Blender. Maybe you can search around and try to find something more similar.

Looking for tutorials on motion blur and blender animation and put the two together might be one way.