My new picture.

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That shit is really good :smiley: love the way you have gotten the glow to shine trough the fur… really ninja work…

Beautiful! Love the wings and the textures. The plant doesn’t feel totally correct to me (although it isn’t bad at all :wink: ). Keep it up!


The bee is very realistic. Good work

Has a special semi-realistic feel to it. I like it!

Thumbs up, man!

A nice, sort of toon aesthetic, keeps it real. Wonderful art.

even though he doesn’t seem to be “standing” where he is supposed to be… fkn awesome… damn

This looks simply Amazing!!:slight_smile:
Toon-Realistic (ToonRealismus) great done!!!:wink:

looks very sweet and the colors/contrast are beatiful. nice background too. that’s not to mention the wonderful fur :smiley:

keep it!

PD: looking at the wings edge, it seems that you used some layers for a final image. is it layered or just a plain whole render?

Wonderfully done, G_Taurus.


SWEET! A bee without a stinger! If this world ever gets broken, I vote G_Taurus designs the next one!

thanks for all :slight_smile:

magoseitor:i don’t use layer in blender but some layers for glow etc in 2d editor
RobertT: Thanks Robert :slight_smile: