Beechcraft Baron G58 - video timelapses


(Pilot) #21

(Pilot) #22

(Pilot) #23

Some updates. The rig is nearly ready. The only things to model / rig here are the inner landing gear door and the landing gear lock mechanism.

(lacilaci86) #24

fantastic results, gotta watch all them videos I guess…

(Pilot) #25

After a little break here is the next video:

(Pilot) #26

Hi everyone!
After a long break here are some updates :slight_smile:
The landing gear is mostly finished: up and down lock mechanisms appeared, inner and outer doors are also ready.
The only thing left to do in landing gear room is to create some pipes and wires.
After this I want to animate landing gear retraction process (it’s been already partially done)

Hope you like it)

(Pilot) #27

Here is a short video with animation of landing gear retraction and land touches.
Constraints and armature bones were used.

(Pilot) #28

Stabilizers are ready: