beeltle on

heres yet another beetle render…c and c please:

Is this internal or Yafray? The shadow doesn’t match the environment. The metal looks a little plastic, try adding noise to the color or specularity. Also increase the samples and AA, there are some artifacts visible.

Nice Beetle, I agree with Framedworld though, also it’s a bit bubbley?

That’s a very good model, but I agree about the lighting. Also, the background appears very flat, and there appears to be a seam between dark and light sections near the back of the texture. I think you could do with some sort of blur on the wheels so it looks like they’re moving, it looks like it’s parked at the moment.
Good apart from that though, well done:)

headlights look weird.

Great reference pic! u should model it! Good luck with it, and drive safe.