been a while and forgot how to make the movie part

well i have an animation but since it has been months and months since i last did this i forgot how to :stuck_out_tongue: i remember that there was a BUNCh of pictures and you used a program to make those frames into a movie. can anyone help me with this

Well I am assuming you are using Blender…and I am assuming you rendered your scene in jpg and then added them to a video editer. There is a better way.

Simply goto render setting and under file type (sorry I don’t have a graphic) hit avi jpg or avi raw (warning avi raw will be very BIG)
This will put all your frames into one file which will play on Windows media, and most other players (in fact I havn’t heard of any system not being able to play avi’s)

You can also choose mpeg or a coupel others.

As far as animating your character or object you will probably want to use bones. (for VERY simple animations you don’t need them)

Spit the screen so you can see your time line (I always split it horizontally) you can do this by going to the side of the screen and pressing hte middle mouse +shift. then say spit screen. A line will appear and you can adjust where you want it. Go to the menu box and hit time line.

(now assuming your objects are where you want them in the first fram select all (by hitting a) and then hit i and insert key frame usually locRot is all that is needed.

Goto the next key frame and move an object or goto pose mode (if you have bones) hit i and locRot on all objects you have changed.

(If you change something other then location and rotation. Such as size or layer you will also have to insert a key frame for this attribute)

Hope this helps
BlackManta :Z