Been playing Tropico 3: My impressions

(NOTE: This is a user review (I reviewing the first new game I got for a long, long time)
Been playing it, here’s what I’m thinking of it so far.

-Installed without fuss
-Loaded quickly despite the file size
-Runs fast, the first patch makes it even faster
-Random Islands can have cliffs and hills
-Can be a bit tricky at first, but once the money starts rolling in it gets a bit easier
-Edicts are straightfoward, obviously some I wouldn’t touch myself but its my copy.
-Farms have a seemingly random appearence in the field distribution
-Roads can have nice sweeping curves, but still has a locking system to make 3-4 way intersections easier.
-Graphics look nice, especially the tourist areas if you create one.
-Sandbox mode gives a lot of options to adjust difficulty, since I’m just beginning I don’t set political stability very low or have lots of random events, there’s even a God mode with tons of money and no rebels but that’s just outright cheating
-No gameplay-hindering bugs and no crashes (a big plus in my book)
-Overlays are straightfoward and really help with farm placement for example
-Quits in about 1 second.

-Single housing units, hotels, and condos could do with variations like what you get with apartments and shanties that pop up if people can’t afford housing.
-More buildings would always be nice
-Random Island generator can’t seem to make very random overall shapes quite yet (no C, T, L, or S shapes) but it almost looks like the first patch gives it just a tiny amount more randomness to the shape.

-Focus on suger farms and wood almost immediately after starting the game, they’re cheap ways to start having exports.
-Expect to spend time in debt in the first game years, you get the exports flowing and you’ll have profit.
-Also focus on apartments and a church early on, they’ll give you better odds if you hold a free election if the people demand it.
-If you want to preserve your island and you don’t want to make room for many more farms, then is the time to start focusing on tourism.

OVERALL (personal rating)::

Have you gotton the game? What do you think of it?

Never heard of the game CD, lately I’ve been playing Army of Two, but my favorite game overall has to be Fallout 3, care to post some screens and links to this game?

Screens and such, it’s a game where you are the dictator of a tropical island nation, you need to keep the people happy while making sure foreign relations don’t deteriorate to the point the US or USSR invades and make you lose the game.

The longest reign you can have is from 1950 when you first come to power to 2000 (at least from the sandbox mode settings)

EDIT: Here’s a screen I took of my island (Graphics are actually a bit crisper and better than they appear in the screen), it would be my rendition of a wealthier tourist area if the people will stop building shacks

Lol, a game about Castro? That’s hilarious. Was it made with Blender or something?

It’s a commercial game, and is not made in Blender, heck I don’t think it used Blender for anything.

Wow, that does look like a nice game for a sandbox style, do they make it for xbox? Can you only play during the 50’s-00’s, or can you go further into the future or further into the past?

The game is also for Xbox360, but I think this type of game works better with the keyboard and mouse.

Fixed that for you :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been extending the tourist area, as of 1994 it stretches from the industrial dock almost to one of the gold mines (NOTE: The game is property of Kalypso media, I’m just playing the game)

I’ve also added decorations and junk (you can place craploads of fountains if you wanted), and the sports arena is way up there because it’s the only place I can put it without disturbing the rest of the natural scenery. The few buildings on the other side of the island is beach related stuff for those wanting to be in a quieter place.

Most of the lower to middle class live from the center surrounded by the cliffs to the airport, removed from the tourist areas to give the tourists a nice place to be.

Its like Sim City. I still like/play Sim City 2000, that was the good one. Seems like I’m living in the past with AOE2 and SimCity 2000 :D.