been working on project, is now scaling weird

this has happend to me before, i got into blender, opend my last saved project, and when i use “S” scale, it does not place the axis in the mid point of the selected verts, thus… making it so it scales the mesh from the center of the 3d grid not the center of the selection. anyone know what is going on or how i can fix?

did you try Alt+a apply scale…

or try pressing period “.”

im sorry but i may be miss understanding, ive tryed period, but Alt+a is play animation…

forgot to mention… still not working

The comma key sets the pivot point to the selected objects bounding box or Ctrl+comma to the median point of the selection. Or just use the drop down selector on the 3d view header.

thank you, havent tried it yet, but this sounds very much like somthing that would fix my problem

just got my chance to try it, ty so much, big help +1 for your rep