Beer Bottle and Lantern

(BlkMagik) #1

Here is another blender render that I have been working on for about 3 hours or so. It’s very simple but I though it would help me get used to the Spinning technique and I think it worked =). I’m going to add a label soon but the transparency on the texture isn’t working and trying to UV Map it to the bottle is being a pain in the @$$. I’m also gonna improve the glass on the beer and the lantern but I don’t know how to play around with glass settings yet.


(Enriq766) #2

When the world comes to an end…the two things you should not be with out…Beer and light to help you find it…

(sundialsvc4) #3

You’ve got nice shapes here. Now experiment with lighting to establish roundness and, most of all, depth.

(Note: During Happy Thanksgiving, Everybody!! you may obtain a special exemption for “establishing roundness.”) :wink: