Beer Bottle - Cycles + (turntable animation) incl. blend file

Modeled in Blender, rendered in Cycles. Took about a week to render 360 turnaround animation(175 frames) on i7 - 2000 passes per frame and its still noisy. Too bad noticed the tin foil is intersecting with glass once it was rendered:)

Just simple setup. One square light and grey background/floor plane.

The still is 8000 passes - and noisy as well as you might notice:) Ok, im bit inpatient.

Feel free to comment.

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Blend file:

looks promising.

when you say square light do you mean area light? from what I’ve heard you shouldn’t use area lights because of that noise problem, use an emitter plane instead. As for passes you shouldn’t need anywhere near that many passes. You should be able to do this in a 300 passes or less IMO.

Thanks for reply. By square light i meant emitter plane. The render looks pretty good after some 500 passess, but then more detail in reflections starts to get rendered and some really bad green bright pixels appear. you can still see some in the shadow cast by a bottle after 8000 passes. Not sure if this could be tweaked somehow in the rendering settings. I just use the defaults. If there was no reflections/transparency 500 passes should do i think.

Is really promising. First “like” on youtube rs
It may be interesting to use more light sources. Plan to use some more light source, leaving this as a key?

Regarding the noise… that’s quite odd. Just for curiosity I’m going to do some test on my end.

your foil material is just awesome. would you mind posting your node setup to get this result? I’d really love to see it.

Wow that’s really cool, i love how you simulated wearing and damage of the foil!

Is that a bug? Bump map at the bottle is not rendered when it doesn’t face camera (it should be still visible in a real world).

Bump mapping only affects normals of object’s faces, not the geometry … that’s why you can’t see the effect of it on the faces whose normals face further away from the camera

Comeinandburn: heres the blend file. So you can check the node setup. There should be the textures packed as well. Hope its helpfull.

I didn’t look at your node setup but did some experiments on my own and I seem to have the same problem. Hopefully someone more familiar with Cycles can add some advice, I’d like to know as well:)

If your main purpose is to experiment with Cycles than just disregard the following.

Don’t forget about yafaray, since 2.62 it’s easily installed as an addon. This example took only 2 min 50 seconds with Path Tracing

Thanks for mentioning yafaray. Its really easy to install indeed. I will check what it can do. Cheers
Maybe this can help. I dunno, i think the whole passes thing is great for just being in the rendered view port but for actual rendering they should switch back to the old method.

Thanks for suggestions michalis, dustmop725. I will try to play around with the blur and clamp to reduce the “fireflies” as i found they call it. I guess the roughness of material can effect this as well. cheers.

Great, thanks for sharing!
I made an interesting discovery: Set Bounces min and max to 128 for an (almost) noise-free image with 200-300 samples. The default settings of 8 and 3 are kinda weird, because they cut of paths too early. I guess that way the light paths cannot fully explore the scene to look for the bright light sources and thus producing the fireflies. Probably there can be even more improvements by finetuning the bounces. But so far it seems the default setting is really bad.

speaking of reducing noise… this is really worth a watch. I don’t know if any developers have seen this

Thanks for another tip Sebastian. By now i only clicked render without doing any changes to render settings. I will play around more to get better results.
Thank you also for the Blender tracker tutorials, it really helped.

comeinandburn: would be nice to have option to use this algorithm in cycles. Especialy for animation. (if it really works this well)