Beer glass not right

I’m trying to make a beer glass with beer in it. I modeled the glass and beer using spin. Gave the glass a clear glass material and the beer colored glass material. Using Yafray with HDRI for lighting and a light added to brighten the scene.

Here is the problem. The glass is fine if empty, but with the beer in it there are very unnatural looking reflectons of the floor. I’ve tried many combinations of IOR, reflection, and fensel but it still looks like this.

Any ideas?



Beer is not glass. Change the material settings for that and then you should be alright. If you leave the beer as a glass material, it will reflect, refract, etc the same way glass does and that is incorrect.


FWIW, the index of refraction of glass is around 1.550, and the IOR of water is about 1.333. Alcohol and solids dissolved in the beer will increase it to about 1.38 or possibly even as high as 1.4, but that would be pushing it. Also, the beer isn’t going to be particularly reflective inside the glass and under its own foam, while the glass surface will be partly reflective. Changes along those lines may be helpful.

Thanks :wink: Yeah, I know about IOR. I used water IOR for the beer and reduced the reflection. Like I mentioned, I’ve tried a variety of IOR and reflection settings. :eek: Is there a way to reduce the extent that the floor is reflected by other objects but not reduce its brightness?