Beer here?

SO…any beer lovers out there? I can’t imagine vert-pushin’ without a tall glass of liquid bread by my side. Currently I have a fridge full of good stuff, including the beer I’m named after (hehe), an coulple Aventinus, some Kulmbacher Eisbier, and a few belgian dubbels. (Um, so, obviously, I’m not a Miller Lite kinda guy.:stuck_out_tongue: )

And someday, I’ll get back to brewing, too. <sigh>

no more beer for me.

I got discussed. which is sade.

But it slowly coming back. but very slowly…

Beer is goood

I’m a beer fan, though I’m much more of a whisky fan! (Mmm, two bottles of Laphroaig sit by my side as I type this)

Ah yes, nothing like a ice-cold brewski to make the creativity buzz,
of course in a controlled manner, beer is only enjoyed in moderation
as with all alcoholic beverages.

My personal favorites:

  • Christophel Blonde
  • Hoegaarden Grand Cru (lovely thick beer!)
  • Chimay

And some Danish ones you’ve probably not heard about unless
you reside in Denmark :wink:

Ah, screw the beer, i’m much more into soda and my family doesn’t drink. I can see a good reason why when drunk people try to drive and post on forums.

Heinekein powa

used to drink more… alcoholic parents so… I’m cutting back on it a little… though … Hertog Jan, Barbar and Westmalle… are still my favorites:p

that makes two of us

I can see a good reason why when drunk people try to drive and post on forums.

Driving and posting on forums at the same time is quite difficult, so don’t try and do it while drunk, people!

As a real Belgian:

Chimay Blue
Leffe Blond
Floris Passievruchtenbier (passionfruit beer sweet and nice)
Kriek Lindemans

Jupiler is better then Maes en Vedette somewhere in between. But Cara rulez if you’re broke (tastes diffrent each time:() so try not to be broke

And I had the displeasure to drink American beer in Glasgow, it was sparkling dishwater…

Allso Strongbow cider is mighty I think, just to bad the bubbles tend to run away verrrry fast. Scrumpy Jack’s is allso one of the better ciders (DO NOT DRINK THEM WHILE NOT CHILLED!!!)

LOL!!! :smiley:

Chimay goes for around $40 a bottle here. Good stuff, though.

Right now, I’m working (slowly) through a variety case of Victory beers (Hop Devil, Prima Pils, Golden Monkey and Lager).

Had a ?New Castle Brown? the other day, which was very good too.

Anyone here brew their own? I made my last batch last year, and have to get back on it.

Says a guy with Stella for a name…

HARKY: $40 a bottle!!! you poor soul… shouldn’t be more than $15 ANYWHERE…

  1. LaChouffe on tap (at a brick-oven pizza place in DC)
  2. Ur-Bock (9.8% alky)
  3. smuttnose India Pale Ale
  4. Fin Du Monde
  5. Duvel (so foamy!)

I LOVE me some beer, but if I had to choose between that and a nice fresh bowl pack, I’d have to choose the sticky-icky…


We pay about 5 to 8 dollars for a bottle of chimay here in Denmark.
And I thought that was kind of expensive…

aw men I got sick on that. it was I think a bit more than 8%. I even got the LaChouffe hat :smiley:

Had a ?New Castle Brown? the other day, which was very good too.

Only a proper one if drunk on a freezing day in nothing but footy shorts, complaining about how warm it is.

I mean posting on forums whenever they just get themselves drunk. It’s happened here and they say stupid stuff and then they say “sorry, I was drunk”

When you’re drunk your ability to weigh decisions and control yourself goes down considerably. Drink enough alchohol and you’ll pass out or possibly even die.

I dont drink very often but when i do i like to party hard. Im very strict with myself when it comes to drinking and driving. I dont drive even if ive had 1 beer. As for posting on forums when you’re drunk… so what? I mean yeah you get a little stupid and say some odd things but its not like its a crime, or that it makes you any less of a person.

Alcohol in fact is actually good for your body if taken in moderation.

Wikipedia’s Article on Alcohol consumption and Health.

I have a new favorite beer now: Michelob Amber Bock
Tis very rich and goes down smooth. Dark Lager is the best = )