Beer Model and Animation

Hey there.
Ok that what I going to make for one my friend, he ask.

The thing is that I have a video documentary to do (about the production of beer…the process…)and the deadline is in a couple of days…and I definetly dont have the time to learn flash at the moment (although I am planning on learning flash in the near future) I need to do actually 2 things (should be done using flash I guess, or if theres any program that can do that and which is simpler than flash…)
The first thing I need as an intro…when the movie starts…I was thinking of having a small video about someone pooring some bear in glass, then the camera angle sort of zooms in to a top view of the glass, and we can see the foam in the glass…then, ill have some text in the foam (inside the glass of beer)

Another one would be at the end…it will be kind of the lid of a beer bottle sort of pops out…then, it twists a couple of times in the air, then it approaches the camera (or in this case, the screen) (as if zooming in) and then I can write THE END on the back of the lid…

OK, I thinking to make it 3d. So Beer glass and that is easy.
I kind of played around with making liquid, but I don’t know it too good. So maybe some one here can answer this…
How would I make pouring of beer and the foam. and the thing is… how to make that foam?

Hello? any one?

Should I make like 2 layers of fluid? to make foam or what?

Does this absolutely have to be 3D animation? Since time is tight, could you simply shoot video of someone pouring beer into a glass and composite your text over that?

It seems improbable that one could learn the fluid system, model this scene, and render such a complex setup under such a time constraint.