Beer simulation

Beer simulation created with Blender. Rendered with 3Delight.

Ive been sober to long.
There is a little dark shadow outside the pouring beer that does not look quite right to me. The beer looks great the bubbles look very good. Good job

I WANT A TUTORIAL FOR THIS ONE !!! :slight_smile:
Good job ! I’m thisty now :wink:

Yeah… I’ve got to start messing around with the fluid sim… This looks great…

That’s a great material, and yes, the bubbles are fantastic. I think the stream of beer could be more random and shaky, since someone is holding the bottle, and would likely rock it a little bit…but overall it’s great quality. Keep it up.

amazing! really!

I want to know more about this project!

When ever I use ther fluid simulation there always seems to be leakage through the containing mesh. How did you eliminate the leakage in your animation?

Great job, bubbles and foam look very good. Can you post a tutorial for this?