Beer Wagon

Hi - still a newbie at Blender and and making compositions with backgrounds , etc. Just looking for some constructive feedback on this composition. Still not done, more details to add. How can I improve it? This car is modeled after a Monogram plastic model car kit from the 70s, designed by Tom Daniels (custom car designer). I built this kit as a kid and was one of my favorites. I hope I am doing it justice.


Not too newbie… Looks good, show us a few close-ups of your wagon…

looks nice, but environment needs work.

Posting some updates…Still working on environment. Need to add some ashpalt cracks, weeds along buildings, maybe some loose trash, and some detail/lights in the warehouse. Also need to fix the rear tires…getting some wierd reflections on them. Added some close-ups as requested. Let me know what you think.


Lovely models, and very nice details too!

Everything looks brand new but if that’s what you have in mind then well done :slight_smile:

As for the tire, the Repository as a material that can work or at least you can base your own off, if you prefer. It’s not bad.

In any case, a very good job so far! I like!

Take care!

Thanks DarkDays…Yeah the car itself was supposed to look new like a show car. Everything else not necessarily new. Will take a look at the Repository. Thanks again!