This one is realy nice… Never drink this before… I shoud try

Looks good!! Beer is a friend of mine, but I only like to drink it from glass bottles! :wink:

Nice, but I find the colours a bit ‘washed out’ :slight_smile:


thanks for the crits and comments guys! :smiley:

thats because of the chrome texture, ill try to tone it down a little.

very nice clean render =)

good work :slight_smile:

Nice! I wish Yafray (you did render it in yafray rite?) would allow assigning shaders on a face by face bases…That would be sweet…Plus it would allow you to make chrome part as chrome as you damn well please and the lable, not so chrome :slight_smile:


Nice and smooth.


Looks like it tapers a bit towards the bottom? Or did you intend that? Or is it just me?

Thats called “perspective”. I know…just a bunch of techno-babble.