Named in honor of the Blender Summer of Documentation tutorial I’m following.

Fire away!

One thing I think I’ve seen is that certain bands of meshes show a different level of subdivision. Is this likely?


hehe, cool, though… a little set smooth on the upper arms wouldn’t do any harm… apart from the deformed shoulders :stuck_out_tongue:

k. Is that a bone problem or a mesh smoothness problem?

the smoothness of the mesh would be a smoothness problem, but the shoulders twisting out of socket would be a bone problem.

the guy really creeps me out, what are you aiming for here?

All hideousness to date is merely a demonstration of my lack of skill at modelling.
I am trying the BSoD Intro to Character Animation.

Q: Suppose I’ve got a character finally rigged the way i want it. Are there any tricks to editing it post-rigging (post “Apply” of an X-mirror mesh transform), and still retain symmetry?