Beethoven - 3D Scan


This is a 3D Scan of a Beethoven bust. Scanning was accomplished by using an ordinary compact camera (10 MP). The photos were imported to 123D Catch, a free application from Autodesk (Sry for that ;)). It was then imported to Blender as .obj and edited in order to remove non-manifold geometry and to reduce the overall vertex count. Finally, I used for printing ā€¦ :smiley:

Here is a video of the model, rendered in BI - nothing fancy:

The final 3D print, approx. 3 cm tall, could have printed it larger but that would have cost a small fortune ;):

where did u get it printed?

I used Shapeways.

how much did you pay for print like this, if you dont mind asking?

gaaah. Iā€™m just being sent in a circle of login-pages when I try to download Catch. Am I missing something?

@kilbee That strongly depends on the amounts of material they need to use. This one here is not hollow but quite small (3cm tall), that will cost you something around ā‚¬15 - ā‚¬20 ($19.5 - $26). If you would make it hollow in Blender (solidify modifier) it would cost less, I guess. But they also have a minimum you need to order I think. You can just model a hollow sphere and upload it to shapeways. It will tell you what it costs with different materials. There are also manuals on how to prepare your models and most importantly how to scale them. :wink:

@ encn Iā€™m afraid you need to register with Autodesk in order to be able to download it.

You can download the .blend here: