[Beetle] Dermestes maculatus model

Hello guys,

thats my first post on blenderartists. :slight_smile:

I am working on a small Proof of concept.
In my thesis I work with the larderbeetle Dermestes maculatus, I am interested in the Spermatogenesis, Oogenesis and the Copula of above mentioned beetles.
I got a few scans from a µ-Xray ComputerTomograph. I used Amira to segment the organs, that I imported into blender as .obj(very low poly IMO).

Goal is to create a userinteractive model of the beetles abdomen.

Well, what is done until now:
Organs can be rotated with the Cursorbuttons.
Camera can be moved and rotated with the Numblock, zoomed in/out with the Mousewheel. I wanted to get Mouselook to work, but somehow I failed miserably on python scripting (it tells me that the bge and bgrender are not loaded)

Here are a few screenshots of my WIP:

For comments/sugestions I would be grateful.


did you import the bge at the begiening of your script using the “import bge” function

Thanks for the reply, I appreciate it :slight_smile:

I tried the Raider’s mousescript. Got that reply on the Console:

15.01.11 17:51:07 [0x0-0x3f03f].org.blenderfoundation.blender[465] ImportError: No module named bge

Well, I used now the Numpad for camera movement. That works too and doesnt need my horrible programing skills :wink:

Hi again,

guess my beetle Abdomen is ready to be finished.

here are the last screenshots.

Topleft row of planes: hide “organs”
Lowerleft row of planes: show “organs”

White icon: restart scene

Anyone interested in the blend file?

I would love to get some redlines on my “Game” :slight_smile:

Best, Tika