Beetle drone

Hi everyone

This a concept of a beetle shaped drone modelled using by-gen addon for blender.


I love this. :metal:t2:
What’s in the vile… fuel, venom?

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Thank you :grin: :white_heart: ! Yes, It is supposed to be fuel .

I really love this artwork - from the second I saw it, I’ve been squinting at the details and being amazed at how you’ve been able to do things like this.
I’m curious though, how did you make the cuts on the cube connecting to the fuel vial look like they have volume.
I’m assuming that you bevelled the cube (as I can see the corners look like they have been cut off) and used a few loop cuts, but that would not make the cuts look like they have depth, so do you mind telling me as to how you did it?

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Thank you ! im really happy to hear that . yeah ! as for the engine i made loop cuts, beveled them and scaled out them to the overall shape. But the pad effect is done by a blender called BY-GEN and its available on gumroad for free. It brings out organic and in-organic shape effects through modifiers so its generally non destructive.

Thre preset i used is called ‘cell padding’ , which uses the edge split then solidify modifier and then bevel modifier to make the faces look like individual cubes. Of course, we can do it without the addon but the addon makes it easy and it has several other presets that can bring abstract effect on modelling through 7-9 modifiers.

This is the basic shape .

Screenshot 2021-04-20 171836

And this is after using the cell padding effect. I also used this effect on the head of the drone too.
Im also attaching the link to the addon and there are YouTube tutorials available for it.

Have a nice day ! :grin:

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Brilliant work :+1:

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Thanks ! :grin:

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Thanks very much! I will try this out for myself some time.