Beetleaxe 2.0

It really is way to soon to post anything on this yet but I’ve been away all summer so I feel an itch that has to be scratched.

I’m redoing an old lost .blend. The previous try can be found ->

It must be like 4 years old

And here’s what I’ve got so far on the remake. Much is still preliminary

It’s good to be back :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the look of it. What do you plan to do differently for the remake?

Besides changing doing better materials I’m changing the shape of the shaft. I’m going to tru to make the bug in the middle better and I’m daoing another kind of crystal and crystal mount below the handle. So far I’ve been playing along a bit and come up with this

It’s a bit out of date already but I’m playing around quite a bit at the moment.

OK, still only textures so I can se what I’m doing. I mainly focus on the modelling right now. This is the latest render.
Starting to reach the point where C&C would be nice

Ok still no comments. I’ll just bump this with another render then :-?
Please give me something to wotk with…I’m a little short on ideas :<

you should put a little thing so you can see how the blade is attached to the shaft. just for realism’s sake… :stuck_out_tongue:

I finally got some inspiration and will back in my system så I’ve done some more work on this project. I’m currently working on the beetle that’s to be attached on the head of the axe as it is in my old picture.

This is what I’ve done so far. The level of detail isn’t supposed to be exact because it won’t show anyway.


Ok, I got a bit further and then I noticed I was finished so here’s the beetle.

C&C please

Looks nice! will the beetle be chromed? or normally beetle colored?
No crits about the beetle, or the axe for that matter.
Can’t wait to see where the beetle actually attaches to the axe.
Good luck! :smiley:

btw, I am impressed that you can find motivation to resurect this after leaving it undusted for quite awhile, how do you do it? :stuck_out_tongue:

The beetle will most likely be gold as it was in the original. However I’m thinking on maybe doing some silver inlay or something on it if I can figure out how ^_^.

Dusting of an old project…well. I was really bored and was sitting on my ass wondering what to do when I suddenly figured out how I was going to model the beetle. That was why I put the project on hold the last time, I didn’t have any good ideas. So when it worked as well as it did the passion sorta came back to me. However I detest texturing stuff and most of my project dies during that phase, so we’ll se.

Thanx for the comment

-looked at the old one, and I must say, that one looks cool, but this one is looking alot better. :stuck_out_tongue:
Quick axe design critique: I would make the handle of the axe (which will probably be about an inch from the user’s flesh) more user-friendly, and put some more spikes and guns(jk) and stuff on the top. Totally IMHO.

wow nice. i like the axe. not enough people do axes, because everyone does swords (me included, but i didn’t post mine). its good to see a healthy variety of deadly weapons on the forum. the modelling is great.

hey thats pretty neat - (looked at the pic with the beetle already on it)
intersting idea

but why is the shaft bent a bit like that…? It looks a bit odd…


Dwarfose: It isn’t bent anymore. It was an idea I was playing around with for a while. Didn’t work though so I canned it.

xrqlz: I agree, more axes to the people :<

StrikerMunc: That gave me an idea. I’ll take a look at it. But to be honest I won’t get to hanged up on practicality as I see it as cerimonial at best :slight_smile:

Ok a small update. Been adding some simple materials. Rendered with yafray. The lighting suck but I haven’t looked at that at all yet.

Left to do is the crystal and the leather. I am going to do a bit of modeling aswell. Going to try adding a sharp spike at the top. Thinking it would look cool. And some more sharp things on the shaft.

C&C plz

Lookin’ good, I love shiny stuff. :slight_smile:
<IMHO> I would move the beetle legs around just a little so that the lower ones were on the axe blade, and the upper ones were on the edge of it, so it would look more like it was actually attached to the blade, not just crawling on it. </IMHO>

Ok small update. Have atleast preliminary textures on everything. The lighting still suck but hey it’s a WIP isn’t it :slight_smile:


wow, really nice axe!!!

I think the jewel at the bottom could use a bit more spectra or reflection, something. Just doesn’t seem to have that nice luster about it, but love how it’s mounted. The gold beetle looks great, perhaps add some gold string around the axe where the beetles are attacked, just looks a bit bare under the beetles. Really coming together, what do you have planned next for it? Is it for a char or just an object.

Well as I’ve said earlier in this post it’s a remake of an old lost project so I’ll basically do the same concept with the axe mounted on a wall above a fireplace

Great idea with the gold band I’ll look at that for sure. The crystal will glister more when the lighting is better you’ll see. Thanx for the comments.

Legs look much better! Fabulous render, btw.
It’s probably really hard, but facets would look really cool on the gem, as well as adding a bit of realism, IMO.
Awesome job so far! Good luck! :smiley: