Beetleaxe 2.0

Looking very good indeed. I’ve got a suggestion, one is that maybe you should put some sort of object in the beetle’s pincers, at the top.

OK, I’m going away for a while so I leave you with what I’ve got so far.


  • Add specularity to the wood to make it look coated
  • Se if gem could be faceted, or worth the effort.
  • Add sharpened feel to the edge

Andy0_0Black: A great idea but I’m sticking to the original concept I’ve decided.

StrikerMunc: Thanx, I’ll take a look at fecets.

You know, one good head-chop and that beetle’s gonna come flying off.

I like the beetle, and I like the axe, but I don’t know that the two should go together.

I notice that engraving metal weapons, swords and guns both, is pretty popular. I’d love to see a thread on how to do that. The flat of your blade would be a most excellent place for a faux engraving!

I know what you mean Trog and I’ve the same thoughts myself. However as I am doing this as a replica there isn’t much I can do about the fact that it is kinda inpractical. I suppose I have to resort to call this a ceremonial weapon and then do an extremely practical axe when I’m done with this one :smiley: (It is actually what I’m planning as I’m having so much fun doing this one!!!)

On the engraving point I am currently UV-mapping the blade and I’m having some plans on engravings…I just have issues I need to solve first.(As is there any way of making the engravings filled with some color without having to paint the whole damn blade, I suppose the should be but I don’t have a clue how to do it yet…some testing is needed)

Couldn’t you create an alpha mask for your engraving so that you have a nor/disp map, a color map, and a mask that knocks everything away except them leaving your procedural metal as is??

Also, you “could” make the angled part of the blade high enough that it’s flush with the top of the beetle, then create a concaved oval where the beetle sits in the middle, that way a downward strike by the axe would not knock off the beetle and would give it more functionality, though I think it’s better served as a ceremonial weapon, why would you want to chip that baby! :wink:

Can you imagine the messy brain-bits cleaning process after some battle? :wink: